Build, manage, and analyze
Your very own native mobile app 
Easy and fast with an all-in-one platform 
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An app platform that provides no-code 
app development, operation, and analysis

  • Speedy development
    Speedy development
    Develop native apps for iOS and Android fast without coding.
  • Easy to use
    Easy to use
    Intuitive operation for updating apps. Changes can be viewed on the app preview.
  • Cloud based and evolving
    Cloud based and evolving
    Over 200 functional improvements a year. Immediate update support for the latest OS.
  • Success support
    Success support
    A specialized team committed to client success, through customer attraction support, solution support, etc.
Speedy development
Develop your own uniquely designed native apps for iOS and Android fast without coding. We provide over 50 features and API connections for a remarkable user experience.
  • No programming

  • Freedom of design

  • Compatible with iOS/Android

  • Over 50 features

Easy to use
An intuitive management screen for operating and updating apps. Equipped with a preview that immediately reflects updates, a timer, backup function, etc. 
Supports everything from feature and design changes to store submission. A sample app to check how the app runs on actual devices is also provided.
  • Intuitive management screen

  • A sample app to check how the app runs on actual devices

  • Timers and alerts

  • Restore from backup

  • App store submission management

Cloud based and evolving
Over 200 annual updates including improvements and new features. A cloud-based platform enabling swift and automatic updates to the latest OS.
  • Free updates to the latest OS

  • New features are continuously released

  • Upgrading existing features

Success support
Supporting the growth of our clients and mobile apps with post-release issue analyses, download strategies, etc. 
Lectures and seminars based on accumulated case studies and knowhow from 650+ apps hosted on our platform.
  • Installation support

  • Customer attraction and operational PDCA support

  • Management screen support

  • App store submission support

Transforming any business with mobile apps.